TIPTOP Services


  • Counseling students on choosing the right institutions, courses, scholarships and career paths… that match students’ capabilities, interests and financial status
  • Organizing information seminars in Vietnam

  Processing necessary procedures:
  • Processing necessary procedures:
  • Processing applications for Australian institutions
  • Facilitating visa applications, including counseling students on providing proofs of fund and arranging medical tests
  • Facilitating purchase of insurances for students
  • Counseling on purchase of air tickets with available special discount
  • Arranging airport transfers and accommodation placements

  Additional service:
  • Counseling psychology’ student on new culture and English preparation before departure to the country
  • Closely linking and facilitating communication between institutions, parents and students
  • Assisting students in seeking part-time jobs if requirement
  • Especially, we assist students in adapting to the new environment, overcoming any difficulties which may arise during studying periods